Do you find Maths challenging to prepare or you get stuck in solving problems? You have reached the right place to seek help. Exponent's e-learning solutions for Maths will make JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation easier and you will get the confidence in solving all kinds of problems. Cover the entire Maths syllabus for XI, XII and JEE using interactive video lectures. It covers complete theory lectures, video solutions of past 30 years of JEE papers, thousands of solved practice problems and MCQs and NCERT book solutions.

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"I finished Functions from the Exponent Math Package in just two days which is about 10 hours. I could not get the same level of understanding of functions even after attending coaching class for three week on Functions." - Rohit Malpani

IIT JEE Main JEE Advanced Maths Video Lecture and Syllabus

Algebra Syllabus
Binomial Theorem
Complex Numbers 
Exponential Logarithmic
Mathematical Induction
Permutations and Combinations
Quadratic Equations
Sequence and Series

Sets, Probability, Statistics Syllabus
Sets and Relations 

Matrices and Determinants Syllabus
Calculus Syllabus
Application of Derivatives
Area Under Curve
Definite Integration
Differential Equation

Coordinate Geometry Syllabus
Pair of Straight Lines
Points and Coordinates
Trigonometry Syllabus
Height and Distance
Inverse Trigonometric Functions 
Properties of Triangle
Trigonometric Equations

Vectors and 3D Coordinate Geometry Syllabus
3D Coordinate Geometry
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